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Art direction, UX

Centtrip is redefining how you control your foreign exchange, payments and expenditures from a centralised account for greater cost-efficiency and seamless operations. I was approached to help them develop their UX/UI and digital art direction for the next phase of their business evolution.

The challenge

The original business account product needed better representing on their website and the client was also introducing a new product for personal banking. The website had a confusing flow and content that didn’t reflect the quality of their products. Altough the brand identity had been refreshed, it had not been interpreted into a digital language.

The solution

A simplified navigation with clear content streams. Restructured product pages that lead the user from introduction, information, right through to submission. A personalised dashboard, accessable via log in, to allow the user to track their product application and manage their assets online, as well as a total visual overhaul to align with their new branding.


Home page


Business Account page


Contact page


Content holding component 1

Content holding component 2

Live rates widget

The request from the client was for the inclusion of a live rates widget. I was tasked with creating an easy-access component that could deliver information quickly from anywhere in the site.
My solution was to create a responsive drawer that could be accessed from the global navigation. It would include a simple live rate conversion tool and a customisable rate alert, triggering email and/or SMS notifications.

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All work © 2019 James kingman

All work © 2019 James kingman

All work © 2019 James kingman